Companies’ happiness and well-being index

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This is HappyCorp Index.

Organizations that value well-being and workplace happiness perform better.
Strong organizational culture starts by managing well-being and employee happiness!


Increase Productivity

Turnover and absenteeism has high costs: productivity, reputation, recruitment, training, etc.

Timely identification

Daily identification, analisys and prediction of the main factors envolved in employee well-being.

HR Key Performance Indicators

Get actionable data to set KPI’s and assess impact of specific actions

Identify Talent

Boost motivation through peer talent recognition.

Increase engagement

Align vision and values with employees' behaviour.

Well-Suited benefits policy

Happy Coins - the currency for benefits showing what employees value the most


Easy and Fast Feedback

The fastest feedback tool - 5 seconds - is all the employees need to manifest their opinion about their job.


Be able to praise a job well done and receive recognition for your achievements.

Solidarity and Rewards

Participate in social solidarity campaigns or selected other benefits.



Exclusive and strategic partnership with Whymob - Imagine Beyond for the development of Hibrid Apps, Cloud Technologies, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Machine Learning Statistics for Data Science, Business Intelligence and Digital Transformation.

Atitudes and Spaces

Partnership with reputed personalities and organizations specialized in the positive psychology and human resources areas to empower your organization to achieve the Well V2 or WELL Health-Safety certifications.


The happiness index in numbers

Tools for analyzing the data collected anonymously from your employees to create personalized reports and know the status of your human resources and organizational well-being.
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Improvement of the company's performance compared to competitors
Increased productivity in happy employees
Increase in earnings growth
Be part of the change... act now!

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